Jefferson County West Virginia

Assessor's Office

Parcel Identification Numbers

Parcel ID Numbers identify each parcel in the state of West Virginia.

The format for these numbers is as follows

(For Jefferson County if you have extra digits before the District Number IE: "19" stands for Jefferson County):

 The first two digits are the District Number Left padded with zeros so Charles Town District, District 2 would be 02,

 The next 4 "digits" are the Map Number, Left padded with spaces so, Map 19 would be "  19" IE: <space><space>19.

 The next four digits are the parcel number, left padded with zeros so parcel 105 would be 0105.

 The next four digits are the parcel extension, left padded with zeros so, using the above example, parcel 105.1 would be 01050001.

 The next four digits would be for office use. 600X would mean that the parcel is split for tax purposes normally due to part of the property being none owner occupied (part of it is a business or rental)

 Putting it all together:

 District 2, Map 19, Parcel 105.1 would be: 02  19010500010000