Jefferson County West Virginia

Assessor's Office

Mapping Home

The Assessor's Mapping office maintains the tax maps for the entire county.

Title 189

Procedural rule
Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission

Series 3
Statewide Procedures
For the maintenance and Publishing
of Surface Tax Maps

1.6. Duties.

1.6.a. Assessors. -- County Assessors, along with their mapping staff , shall maintain the tax maps in accordance with the instructions and guidelines provided by the Department of Revenue and the Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission.

189-3-2. Purpose. Tax maps are fundamental to the appraisal (valuation) of real estate. They help to determine the location of property, indicate the size and shape of each parcel, and illustrate its relation to features that affect value. It is, therefore, necessary that the tax maps and assessment system records accurately represent  what is actually owned by the taxpayer. Although tax maps serve as a general reference to property locations, they are not a substitute for official survey plats.