Jefferson County West Virginia

Assessor's Office


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The format is Lastname Firstname (No commas)

To search for the last name of Smith type: "Smith"
To search for John Smith type: "Smith John"

 Parcel ID:
The format is: 00XXXX000000000000

Where the first two 0's are the district (LEft padded by Zero is less than 2 numbers)
  Example: District 2 = 02, District 10 = 10

XXXX is the map number, left padded with spaces (4 characters total)
  Example: Map 23G = (space) 23G (one space and the characters of the map)

0000 (left most) is the parcel number
  Example: Parcel 108 = 0108

0000(middle) is the parcel extension (Any number left of the decimal)
  Example: Parcel 1.1 = 00010001 (including the parcel number)

0000(end) ignore. Either enter them as zeros or just leave them out.

Wildcards are not necessary.
The search is case insensitive.

Parcel ID or Owner Name (last first):
Parcel IDOwnerAddressCityStateZipLegal DescriptionDeed BookPageCardYear BuiltLiving Area (Excluding Finished Basement) - Mfg-Mbl Home SizeStoriesExterior Wall TypeTotal RoomsBedroomsFull BathsHalf BathsBasement-Commercial TypeHeating SystemFuel Type - Comm AC TypeRecord TypeLand AppraisedBuilding AppraisedMineral AppraisedTotal AppraisedMost Recent Sale DateMost Recent Sale Price
01 1000200000000STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTONWV25304-2 7.81 AC. PARCEL 3, WEBB 512534            R294400.000.000.00294400.00  
01 1000300000000SHARP RODNEY L & PAULA J 6 CHENEY AVE HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT 1 BRACKETT'S ADDITION 9382751200022562.0AL-VNL7321CRAWLHPELECR49300.00160500.000.00209800.006/1/2000137700
01 1000300010000EARLE PATRICIA J 16 CHENEY AVE HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT 2 BRACKETT'S ADDITION 9866171199915642.0AL-VNL7321CRAWLHPELECR49300.00144800.000.00194100.003/1/2004202950
01 1000300010000EARLE PATRICIA J 16 CHENEY AVE HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT 2 BRACKETT'S ADDITION 9866171199915642.0AL-VNL7321CRAWLHPELECR49300.00144800.000.00194100.003/1/2004205000
01 1000300020000BAKER MATTHEW L & HEATHER F 26 CHENEY AVE HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT 3 BRACKETT'S ADDITION 1020641199915442.0AL-VNL7321CRAWLHPELECR48800.00128200.000.00177000.007/1/1999117500
01 1000300030000TAYLOR BETH L PO BOX 278 HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT 4 BRACKETT'S ADDITION 10403691199914002.0AL-VNL7321CRAWLHPELECR48800.00123900.000.00172700.008/17/2007245000
01 1000400000000BOLIVAR INTERNATIONAL PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 87 OLD TAYLOR LN HARPERS FERRYWV25425-7 1/10 A BRACKETT'S ADD 9493431196111181.0STUCO5310FULLELECELECR111000.0054600.000.00165600.00  
01 1000500000000SNYDER BERNICE H PO BOX 933 HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT #1 BOLIVAR VILLAGE 9783811199018061.0AL-VNL632 CRAWLHPELECR56500.00103500.000.00160000.008/1/2003150000
01 1000500010000DETTMER JOHN A & HELEN A WRIGHT 32 CARTER LN HARPERS FERRYWV25425-LT #2 BOLIVAR VILLAGE 6234701199120402.0FRAME522 FULLWM AIRGASR56500.00137100.000.00193600.002/1/198918000
01 1000500020000ADAMS ASHLEY & JOHN CULLUM 74 CARTER LN HARPERS FERRYWV25425-6346LT #3 BOLIVAR VILLAGE 10744831199024202.0FRAME843 FULLHPELECR55700.00203300.000.00259000.007/29/2009300803
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