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Welcome to the Jefferson County, West Virginia
Assessor's Office Website.

  Angela (Angie) L. Banks, Assessor

 I hope you find that the information provided is helpful. My staff and I are working diligently to make the office more efficient and to provide fair and equal taxation for all citizens of Jefferson County. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office. The Assessor oversees the process of placing fair market value on real property and personal property, and maintains property records such as transactions and mapping. The purpose and role of the Assessor’s Office is clear and concise: to place a fair market value on real estate and personal property for both residences and businesses.

While the Assessor does not determine the tax rate or collect taxes, the office does handle certain resident disagreements. If property owners do not agree with their property appraisals, they may meet with the Assessor's appraisal office for a resolution. Learn more about the Assessor's Office and its operations through links on the menu above.

Sincerely, Angie Banks, Assessor


Tax Maps, GIS File and Plats are now available for download
Finished Tax Maps: Are available to download as either individual PDF's or as a complete set in a zip file (Go to the last page to find the zip file).
Digital Tax Maps (PDF)

The complete county GIS Shapefile is available for download
Digital ShapeFile

Plats (Plat Book 1 to Plat Book 25) are available for download as individual TIF or JPG files. Simply search for the plat and click the download link
Plats Also please see the instruction on the page for more information 
Dates to File


Located in the Charles Town Courthouse
100 East Washington Street
(304) 728-3224

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm


Dates to file:

and FARM STATISTICS REPORT - July 1st to September 1st

COMMERCIAL BUSINESS REPORT - July 1st to September 1st
(Corporation & Business Forms)

REAL ESTATE REPORT - July 1st to October 1st
*Online filing available!


HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION - July 1st to December 1st

**Handicapped entrance located at 108 East Washington Street**

Congratulations to our Assessor Angie Banks
Congratulations Angie for receiving the West Virginia Association of County Assessor's Special Service Award!
Plats are now implemented with HTML5/Javascript

This means it will work on any device (Computer, Tablet or Phone). Stay tuned for the maps also moving to a Javascript implementation rather than flash. Flash will not work with your phones, tablets or Windows 10. So I am working to upgrade everything to Javascript. This one was the easiest so it occurred first.

Congratulations Tori!

Our own Mapping Specialist, Victoria (Tori) Myers named the 2012 WVAGP (West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals) Professional of the Year.

Plats now available online!

In conjuction with the Jefferson County Clerk's Office, we are providing a view to the plats online!
Currently available are Plat Books 1 to 25. We will be adding more plats as time allows. The plats are searchable by Subdivision, Plat book and page and Envelope number.
Thank you to Jennifer S. Maghan for her cooperation and making this collaboration possible!

Congratulations Angela Banks
Congratulations to our Assessor, Angela Banks, for receiving the Assessor of the Year award at this years Assessor's meeting!
Commercial and Real Estate Mobile Home Data added to GIS Maps

We have added data for Commercial Buildings and Real Estate Mobile Homes on the GIS system.



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Jefferson County Assessor's Office
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Phone: (304) 728-3224
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