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 I hope you find that the information provided is helpful. My staff and I are working diligently to make the office more efficient and to provide fair and equal taxation for all citizens of Jefferson County. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office. The Assessor oversees the process of placing fair market value on real property and personal property, and maintains property records such as transactions and mapping. The purpose and role of the Assessor’s Office is clear and concise: to place a fair market value on real estate and personal property for both residences and businesses.

While the Assessor does not determine the tax rate or collect taxes, the office does handle certain resident disagreements. If property owners do not agree with their property appraisals, they may meet with the Assessor's appraisal office for a resolution. Learn more about the Assessor's Office and its operations through links on the menu above.

Sincerely, Angie Banks, Assessor

News Release:

The Jefferson County Assessor, Angela L. Banks, released the following information regarding the field review and new construction.

Appraisers for tax purposes from the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office will be doing field reviews for the following areas: Charles Town Corporation, Ranson Corporation, Shepherdstown Corporation, and Shepherdstown District for this year’s 3-year cycle.

This physical review helps to keep appraisals for tax purposes fair and equal and is required by the WV State Tax Department.  Typically, the appraiser will knock on your door and let you know they are there and/or leave a doorhanger.

Due to the coronavirus and the health of both the land owners and the employees, the appraisers will not be knocking on doors. They will be reviewing from their vehicle or a distance.

New construction will be picked up if it is completed. The appraiser will knock on your door and walk away to keep a 6’ distance.  They will measure the new construction and then leave the premises.

The assessor’s vehicles have signs on the sides that states “Jefferson County Assessor’s Office”.  They also have county license plates. 

You can call and talk to an appraiser at 304-728-3224 or send an email to:


We are trying to protect the citizens of our county and our employees while we continue to do our jobs.  Thank you for your cooperation.”

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Online Filing is available July 1 through October 1.

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